European Deaf Handball Championships 2020 canceled

The European Deaf Sports Organization (EDSO) and the Danish Deaf Sports Federation (DDI) have to cancel the European Deaf Handball Championships 2020, due to the current COVID-19 crisis that ravages all over the world.

The crisis also means that the EDSO Congress, which should have taken place during the same period, also has been canceled.

“The world, including Europe, are in a major crisis at the moment, affecting all sports. DDI support the Danish government and the authorities recommendations, and it will be irresponsible to proceed both the European Championships in Handball 2020 and the EDSO Congress 2020 this summer. We stand together and the welfare and health is more important than sports. Of course, we was looking forward to hosting the big sport event and the congress, because we really believe that we was aiming for a high standard and a great arrangement that we was looking forward to show everyone. However, it all ends abruptly due to the virus. Therefore, we have announced that we will cancel the scheduled event of the European Deaf Handball Championships 2020. This means that other countries can now approach the EDSO to take over the event, and this may also apply to the EDSO Congress. This is hard to realize for the Danish Deaf Sports Federation, but we just have to accept that.” says Joachim Thor Krøyer, General Secretary for the Danish Deaf Sports Federation.

Danish Deaf Sports Federation would like to thank all our volunteers, our partners and the participating countries for their efforts and support.

Due to the cancellation, we will close the entire website on Friday 27th. March 2020.

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